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Nandita Das, eminent actor, director and Chairperson, Children`s Film Society of India.

“We have lost the habit of reading. Computers and TV have overtaken us. Reading is such an experience that if children are given the exposure, they will certainly like it. When I came to the library, I saw the children reading with such concentration. Even the naughtiest children who might not be sitting still for ten minutes at home, even they seemed to be reading with such concentration. It is our duty as well that we encourage these children with their reading. And Bakul Library, which they have started here, is a very good effort. They have made it so beautiful. There is a child friendly atmosphere created here and the best part is that children participate here, be it painting on paper or on the walls. They have made it their own and there is a unique pleasure in this. I am really happy that these kinds of interests are being encouraged.”

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Dr. Sandeep Pandey, Magsaysay Awardee in 2002, co-founder of Asha for Education, also leading the National Alliance of People`s Movements.

He wrote, "Bakul library is a very innovative and commendable effort by Sujit and team. Such spirit of volunteerism will be the seed for genuine social change. This experiment is also replicable and must be emulated by concerned citizens everywhere. Best wishes for its future. Love, Sandeep"

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