BhuFeSto was conceptualized and proposed by Bakul Foundation to be a part of the City Festival in Bhubaneswar, when it hosted the Hockey World Cup for the first time in 2018. Bakul had then curated and co-organized it with the BDA.

Bakul Foundation has been trying to promote reading in Odisha through a volunteer movement. It has set up more than 25 libraries entirely with the small contributions and energies of volunteers. It has also started publishing children's picture books in Odia and has been organizing events to promote storytelling such as BhuFeSto, the Puri Reading Festival in 2019-20.

During the pandemic in 2020-21, Bakul went digital and curated the highly popular and best resource of its kind, "STORYTIME @ 9" in which every Saturday at 9PM, children and adults could travel live virtually to different countries with the best professional oral storyteller from that country, who not only told local tales but also talked about the culture of the country. The web series available on took us to 50 different countries.

BAKUL ran another very popular web series, RABIBAAR GAPABAAR in which the best oral storytellers in Odia told stories every Sunday. Both the series can be found on the youtube channel.


BhuFeSto has been organized by a highly skilled and motivated team that includes the following members and many others

1. LEENA MARTHA, Outreach Coordinator
2. COL D D SWAIN, Logistics Coordinator
3. CINI MOHANTY, Schools Coordinator
4. RAJESH ROUT, Outreach Coordinator
5. DIBYUSH JENA, Designer
6. CHANCHAL VERMA, Social Media
8. ANURAG PANI, The Grey Picture, Photo/Video Documentation
9. NAHAR MOHAMMAD, Partnerships
10. NEHA DEODAS, Venue Coordinator
11. SIDHANT PARIDA, Venue Coordinator
12. SARASWATI PARIDA, Venue Coordinator
13. JAY PRAKASH NAYAK, Venue Coordinator
14. SANTOSH PATNAIK, Venue Coordinator
15. SRINIBAS SAHOO, Venue Coordinator
16. SUMANA GHOSH, Venue Coordinator
17. SNEHASIS MOHANTY, Venue Coordinator
18. RITVIKA PANDEY, Logistics Associate
19. PRATYUSHA DAS, Logistics Associate